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Corporal Punishments in a Girl's Prison

Updated on September 27th, 2016

You may find it hard to believe, but corporal punishment of young girls in prisons still take place, all over the world! And if you think that this practice only occurs in remote countries far from where you live, then you are seriously mistaken! It's a fact, corporal punishments in women's prisons - mostly in the form of severe beatings on the bare bottom ? could even be taking place in YOUR OWN country, even if you live in a cultured and civilized area. Of course, if you try to find or even speak with victims of these practices, you will never hear the plain truth. For a girl who has been through regular spanking punishments in a prison, it's just too much shame and disgrace to admit to it and share their experiences.

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Spanking teen girls in prisons

While we were investigating the matter, we came across a most interesting web site about an institution, where the operators are not afraid of revealing the bald truth. 'Bars & Stripes' provides insight into a prison for wayward and criminal girls, and their daily life in a place where corporal punishment is common daily practice. As you watch the movies on their web site - some of them taken with a hidden camera - you will find, contrary to expectations, that the wardens and caretakers in this institution are by no means bad people or brutes. Quite the opposite, making sure that the girls lack for nothing is a prime concern at 'Bars & Stripes'. Proper clothes, healthy food, clean bathrooms, sometimes even an hour or 2 for exercising or spending some time outside in the sun. Everything is possible and can be arranged, if they behave well on their long path to improving their social behavior and tidying up their life, until their sentence is served and the Governor discharges them from prison.

A Strict Spanking Regime

But despite this, we are, after all still speaking about corporal punishment here. From their professional experience the operators of this institution have a clear concept of how to discipline defiant or criminal girls, and prepare them step by step for their return to freedom. Corporal punishment, carried out in the form of strict and severe spanking on their bare bottom, preferably with a cane, paddle or other suitable spanking implement, is the daily fare at the 'Bars & Stripes' facility. As often as required, even if it means punishing the same girl's sore bottom multiple times in one day. Even the smallest infractions of the house rules will result in a young lady having to lie flat on a bed, or bend over a chair, or even to be bound on the dreaded punishment bench, but always with her bare bottom presented to a warden, in expectation of a severe beating on her buttocks. For repeated offenders even on the same day, you may wonder what happens, if a bottom is still sore from a punishment from just a few hours earlier? Again, the Governor and his team at 'Bars & Stripes' are reasonable and sympathetic people, but we have seen for ourselves that they do not hesitate to swing the cane across the same bottom again and again, as often as required, at any time of day as required, even on buttocks that are already severely marked from a previous drubbing.

 Zoe and Chessie's playtime

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corporal punishmentfully nudeleather paddlef/fspanking

Officer Zoe Page caught inmate Chessie playing with herself and being a naughty girl. Zoe decided to play some naughty games with her which involved spanking her delightfull little bum and paddling Chessie while she played with herself. They both ended up having a lot of naughty fun.
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 Imogen's intake - Part 2

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spankingm/ff/fstockingscorporal punishment

After Imogen learns the difference between being cheeky and insolence the hard and painfull way from the Governor, He then hands her over to Miss Page again. She strip searches Imogen fully, tells her to put on her uniform, gives her one final spanking over her knickers and takes her to her cell.
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  Target Practice

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corporal punishmentspankingf/f

Approximate Running Time: 28.00 minutes. The Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison is having a discussion with two of his Prison Officers. The subject of the discussion is none other than Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford - a constant thorn in the side of all the prison staff. The three men agree that she doesn't seem to realise why she's in prison. She's rude, arrogant, and believes herself to be better than both the other prisoners and the prison staff. It so happens that Matron has asked for ...
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 Sophie's naked caning

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corporal punishmentm/fseverefully nudecaningspanking

After assaulting a prison officer it was time for the Governor to hand out proper prison discipline to Miss Parker. That meant a sound caning. The Governor visited Sophie, told her to strip and caned her soundly.
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 Stinging seduction

The Governer of the prison decided to pay inmate Chessie a visit to see if she was behaving herself. The little madam decided to try and flirt with him and she acted like a little slut to try and get out of the spanking she knew was coming. No such luck of course. Her bottom got exactly what it deserved!
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 The Adjudication

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spankingm/fstrapcorporal punishment

Approximate Running Time: 16 minutes. The Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison is having a discussion with two of his Prison Officers. Talk in general soon came around to Naughty Amelia Jane. Prisoner Rutherford is completely oblivious to the rules and regulations in place at Bars and Stripes Prison - as Prison Officer Kennedy found out while attempting to assess her. She's rude and arrogant and has an answer for everything. So Officer Kennedy tells the Governor and Officer Lewis about the ...
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 Taming the Blue

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spankingm/fotkcorporal punishment

Approximate Running Time: 18.00 minutes. Prison Officer Stephen Lewis is explaining the rules and regulations at Bars and Stripes Prison to new Prisoner Sascha Harvey. Things are going well, she agrees to behave and follow the rules etc. But - when he tells her she's going to be working in the laundry, Sascha rebels and tells him no way. Officer Lewis is a reasonable man and he patiently explains to her that she doesn't have a choice - all prisoners have to work and there is a vacancy in the ...
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 Donna Parker midnight message

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Officer Lewis caught inmate Parker with a pen and some paper in her cell even though she was told she couldn't communicate in any way with the other prisoners. She was soon over his knee getting soundly spanked followed by a sound bare bottom strapping whilst laying flat on her bed.
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 Imogen?s painfull resignation

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HD corporal punishmentm/fcaningspanking

Inmate Imogen sent a letter of resignation to the Governer wanting to resign as his secretary. The letter was so full of mistakes that the Governer decided to give Imogen a sound thrashing with his cane.
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  The Warm Up

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spankingm/fstrapcorporal punishment

Approximate Running Time: 16 minutes. Prisoner Aleesha Fox is roughly dragged into the punishment room and is ordered to lie down on the cross bench. But first she is told to take her knickers off - Prison Officer Page puts them aside for safe keeping. Once she is settled - lying face down on the bench, with a soft blanket under her tummy, she is given one last chance to talk. But as she is not in the mood for chatting, Prison Officers Zoe Page and Stephen Lewis proceed with the punishment. She ...
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Exclusive Interview with the Prison's Governor

We are very proud to be the first news team not only to be admitted to the facility, but also that the prison Governor made himself available personally to answer some questions. One of our first questions was, if he has a personal interest in or affinity for administering spanking punishments to young girls. He gave us an interesting statement:

Wait, did you ask me if I ENJOY thrashing a girl on her bare bottom? If I ENJOY hearing girls crying in their cells several times each day? If I ENJOY when they are shedding tears, weeping bitterly? And then, every evening at patrol time, if I enjoy seeing every 3rd or 4th girl laying naked on their bed, still sobbing and rubbing their sore buttocks? Come one, how could I ENJOY this? No I DON'T! In fact, most of the time I feel for them. But then, please, you need to consider I carry a weighty responsibility here. When I release a girl back into society, the general public expects to see a real change. Particularly the inmate's friends and family who want to have back the little well behaved girl they once knew. And that's exactly what I do, with accuracy and without exception. And you can take my word for it: in the last 10 years running this facility, I?ve tried several alternative methods of disciplining delinquent or criminal girls. Please, I?ll spare you the details, but my disillusioned finding is, that none of these methods work.' [...]

'Look, I?ll give you an example; just now as we speak, one of our new inmates has been standing in the corner of my office since the morning, after she got caught stealing an extra pancake from the kitchen during breakfast (editor's note: this interview was held at 4pm). And no, before you ask, she was certainly not hungry. It was a simple act of truculence and rebelliousness, trying to show off as a 'tough girl' among the other inmates. But of course, the surveillance cameras caught her, and she was ordered to appear in the Governor's office to see me, naked, for an hour-long corner time, and to receive several sets of 15 full-force strokes with the cane, every hour on the hour. I decided to use one of the heavier canes, even though her bottom is very small and she has never been spanked or caned before. Furthermore, she will spend some hours in the isolation cage on the prison yard next weekend, naked again, while the other inmates take part in a volleyball tournament exactly there. Err... why you do make a sad face now? You believe that this punishment is too harsh? Too severe? (editor's note: we were shocked at that moment). Well honestly, it also breaks my heart to see this little naked brat there in the corner, her bottom covered with weals, her big blue eyes begging me to stop the procedure. And it will become worse for her next weekend, when the other inmates are laughing at her bottom, which I expect to be black and blue until then. But listen: a stitch in time saves nine! And I can promise you, she will NEVER steal again! And in a few years, she will be one of those girls - fully socially re-integrated - who will send me a letter of appreciation, thanking me for being so strict with her. Really, we have a very clear situation here. She knew about the house rules, and she knew about the consequences, if she breaks the rules. But obviously she decided to challenge me and asking me for the bum basting of her life. So there she is. [...]

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