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Caroline Grey Intake Day

Caroline Grey, m/f, prison, spanking, strap, uniform, leather paddle

Caroline Grey is standing in front of Officer Stephen Lewis's desk, while he is sitting facing her. It is Caroline Grey's Intake Day. Her wrists are handcuffed together behind her back. As she has only just arrived in the prison - she is still wearing her civvies. He is welcoming her to her new life - at least twelve years in prison. Although he has a file with her notes in it - he still prefers she should tell him her name and why she is in prison. He explains that he's her personal officer and from now on she does exactly what he tells her.However, she's a young lady with an attitude and Officer Stephen Lewis knows it - he's taking on the job of beating it out of her. She gives a wrong answer and he moves quickly - standing up and coming round to her side of the desk - picking up a leather paddle on his way round. Placing his big hand on the back of her neck, he pushes her face down over the desk. He spends the next few minutes using the leather paddle on her poor bottom that is seen to be getting more red and sore with each stroke of the paddle.He's taking his job of teaching her respect and manners very seriously. She's in prison for using creative book-keeping. She calls it embezzlement - he calls her a common thief. While she doesn't want him to think she's turning soft, she realizes that she will have to at least appear to be obedient, unless she fancies the idea of never being able to sit down again. He has a pile of clothing on his desk - it's her prison uniform, so he hands the pile to her and tells her to put it on. Once she has dressed in her new outfit, he pushes her out of his office and takes her to her new home for the duration - leaving behind her neatly folded outside clothing.Therefore, her new life is just beginning.

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