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Cleaner Spanking

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Aleesha FoxZoe Page

Prisoner Alesha Fox is cleaning her cell when Officer Zoe Page and Officer Stephen Lewis pay her a little visit. Alesha doesn't feel the need to be sociable so that when questions are fired at her she either doesn't answer or just mumbles a reply. The two prison officers tell her she should have more respect for them - but she hasn't any respect so why should she bother? Officer Lewis encourages Officer Page to give her a sharp lesson in showing respect. So with a smirk on her face, Officer Page places a chair in the middle of the cell and pulls Prisoner Fox over her knee.Poor Alesha then has a long hand spanking - that only stops when Officer Page tires. By now, Officer Lewis's hand is itching to spank this troublesome young lady, so he offers to take over - giving Officer Page a well-deserved rest. The few minutes break has done Officer Page the world of good so again with a nasty smirk on her face she takes over spanking Prisoner Fox. Poor Alesha realizes that her having a battle of wills against Officer Lewis and Officer Page isn't really helping her so reluctantly she outwardly gives in - letting them believe that she has respect for them.The two self-satisfied Prison Officers leave her to carry on cleaning up her cell.

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