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Cruel Intentions

Spanking and whipping preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Leia Ann WoodsSascha Harvey

Peace reigns in the cell Prisoners Sascha Harvey and Leia Ann Woods share in Bars and Stripes Prison. Well what's Leia up to? She lets herself down quietly from the top bunk and puts something on her sleeping cellmate's pillow. Prison Officer Stephen Lewis wakes up the two girls - he's all sweetness and light - it's obvious to everyone how much he enjoys his job. Then his beady eye sees something on Sascha's pillow and when he realises it's a packet of some drug substance, he comes to the conclusion that as it is on Sascha's pillow - therefore it follows that it must be hers.Poor Sascha denies it emphatically and suggests that Leia must have planted it there and Leia also denies having any knowledge of how it got there. As Officer Lewis doesn't know who to believe he thrashes both the girls - going from one bottom to the other. Both girls kept up a barrage of verbal abuse at each other. After a long hard thrashing he grabs both girls by their arms and drags them into the shower.

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