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Getting Personal

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Aleesha FoxZoe Page

Prison Officer Zoe Page is having a friendly discussion with Prisoner Aleesha Fox. She explains to Aleesha that she has been appointed to be her Personal Officer. What this means is that she will be looking after Aleesha - looking out for her - protecting her from the other prisoners. As she is talking quietly to Aleesha she moves in close - ever closer, so that her nose is pressing against Prisoner Aleesha Fox's nose. She twists the young girl's hair around her fingers - lifting the strand to her nose and breathing in the perfume of the freshly shampooed hair.Zoe Page's hands go a wandering over Aleesha Fox's body - squeezing her breasts, kissing them and stroking her face. Aleesha accepts all this without saying a word. Zoe carries on with her explanation. If Aleesha is a good girl and keeps a civil tongue in her head, she will be given little treats - but if she displeases her she will be punished. She then takes Aleesha over her knee for a bare bottom spanking. This is intended to be an example of what will happen if she's a naughty girl. The repeated spanks - one on top of the other, become painful and poor Aleesha is soon moaning and squirming about.Kinky Zoe pulls Aleesha's knickers right off and puts them to her nose - enjoying the musky smell, before tossing the black scrap of material onto her desk. Aleesha is beginning to wonder where all this is leading to - Zoe soon enlightens her. All she has to do to keep the Prison Officer sweet, is to give her some information, names etc. However, as Aleesha has nothing to tell her, she decides to leave it until another time. Meanwhile, Aleesha is now sitting on a chair and Zoe Page is sitting on her desk.Bringing a packet of cigarettes out of her uniform pocket, she lights one and putting it to her mouth she takes a deep breath. Then offers Aleesha one, but shaking her head refuses it - as she has given up smoking since being given a judicial sentence. Then cruelly, Zoe takes a deep breath - blowing the smoke into Aleesha's mouth. The interview is over - for the moment and Aleesha is escorted back to her cell.

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