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Jenna JaySolitary Day One

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Jenna Jay

Prisoner Jenna Jay is sitting on a rush rug in the corner of her cell. The only furniture she has is a wooden chair. Then Prison Officer Stephen Lewis comes in - he had told her to expect him, although he didn't tell her why. He asks her if she's enjoying her first day in solitary - and she nonchalantly tells him it's all right. The unoccupied chair is put in the centre of the cell and she is told to bend over it. She does exactly as she is told - this makes Officer Lewis suggest that she may be learning to enjoy it.But when he starts hand spanking her - she is soon pleading with him to stop. However, he carries on with the spanking. Cruelly, he tells her to ask him to stop convincingly and nicely. He tells her to say pretty please - and when she does he tells her no and carries on spanking her very hard on her bare bottom. Again, he asks her to say pretty please and when she does - he gives her another couple of spanks then tells her to stand up. He orders her to go back to sitting on the rush mat in the corner of the room - but not to pull up her knickers.She has got through her solitary day one and Officer Lewis has promised to come and see her again the next day. This gives her something to look forward to.

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