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Judicial Punishment

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Amelia Jane Rutherford

Prison Officers Paul Kennedy and Stephen Lewis are in a meeting with the Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison. The subject of their discussion is once again Prisoner Rutherford. She is the most arrogant prisoner in the prison. Despite several attempts to rehabilitate her in the past, she is still a problem to the prison staff. Now at this meeting it has been decided to give her a judicial punishment. She is led into a stark room - with bare walls and an uncarpeted floor. Standing against the wall - as arrogant as ever, she has her arms folded across her chest.Then she is ordered to undress completely. She's spread-eagled across the cross trestle and her wrists and ankles are securely bound. There is to be no escape for her. Prison Officers Kennedy and Lewis are carrying out the punishment. She is to receive initially twenty-five strokes of the strap. While one of the officers administers the strap - the other one keeps count. As each stroke leaves its mark across her tender cheeks she screams and struggles to escape from her bonds. The twenty-fifth stroke lands and she gives a long drawn out sigh of relief - but it is premature as the punishment is not over yet.Punishment Part Two is her having to endure another twenty-five strokes of the flogger. Then there is a third and final part to the judicial punishment. For this part the Governor himself is to be the one to swing his right arm and give her twelve strokes of the cane. As the final stroke of the cane falls, apart from her screams there is no arrogance. Have the Officers and Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison finally won?

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