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Kami Robertson - Medical Mayhem

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Kami RobertsonLilly Lovell

Zoe Page Medical Assistant pushes and drags Prisoners Kami Robertson and Lilly Lovell into the examination room at Bars and Stripes Prison. Prisoner Robertson is about to cause medical mayhem. One of the many rules at Bars and Stripes Prison is that after a punishment they are physically examined by the matron of sickbay. Matron takes her job very seriously. She orders Prisoner Robertson to lie on her back on the examination couch. She's looking for any lasting damage that may have been done during the punishment the previous day.However, when Matron inserts a probing finger into Robertson's vagina she starts squirming about and has to be restrained by the Medical Assistant. Meanwhile, Prisoner Lilly Lovell watches the proceedings - cowering against the wall, chewing on her fingers. Robertson is still writhing about on the examination couch and being orally abusive. This earns her a spanking with a leather strap administered by Matron. With a very sore red bottom she is dragged off the couch and Prisoner Lilly Lovell is told to take her place on the couch.After witnessing what her friend went through, Lovell takes the easy option and allows Matron to examine her without protest. Therefore, her examination is soon over and she has just been told she can stand up - when Robertson calls Matron a pervert. Robertson is grabbed and thrown face down over the examination couch. Lovell is still sitting on the couch and clambers to the furthest end - out of the way of kicking legs and flailing arms. What follows is a very irate matron strapping Robertson's previously reddened bottom until it is a deep red with signs of bruising.She keeps on swinging her arm until Prisoner Robertson finally gives in and apologises for calling Matron a pervert. When Officer Lewis comes to take the two girls back to their cells, Matron and her assistant are getting quite close. Maybe the medical mayhem turned them both on.

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