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Kami RobertsonThe Warning

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Kami Robertson

She is sat at a desk, writing notes into a hard backed notebook. Suddenly, she is no longer alone - two masked men burst into the office and pull her out of the chair she is sitting on. She squeals and struggles to escape but she is soon overpowered by the two big brave men. They pin both her arms behind her back and put some black tape over her mouth - so preventing her from screaming - all she can do is grunt and moan. She's a journalist and writing a report about life in prison. She's been interviewing some of the prisoners, namely, Rutherford and Chaste.They have told her that the prison officers are sadists and that they treat the prisoners really badly. But the prison officers don't want the world to know what goes on inside the locked cells and they have to stop her in her tracks. Therefore, as a warning they push her face down over the desk and start to spank her - first on one cheek then on the other. To make sure that she can really feel it, they tug down her skimpy knickers and use a leather tawse to drive the lesson home. Her poor bottom is very red and sore but they carry on spanking her - until they are satisfied that she understands that in future she will only write what they tell her to write.What has just happened to her was just a warning.

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