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Madam's Cavity

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Xela Chaste

Prisoner Xela Chaste has arrived at Bars and Stripes Prison and as is the usual routine, she is having a medical examination by Matron. Xela does not make it easy for Matron to carry out her job and Prison Officer Jessica Wood has to step in and lend her a strong spanking hand. According to Xela, she has friends in high places and therefore she could get matron and Officer Wood in big trouble. These threats don't worry anyone, after all these so-called friends were non-existent at Xela's trial.Matron is very thorough in her examination of Xela, searching her inside and out and Prison Officer Wood puts her over her knee for a spanking, firstly by hand then with a leather strap. However, Xela struggles so much, Prison Officer Paul Kennedy has to come to the aid of Matron and Officer Wood. Between the three of them, they are determined to humiliate poor Xela and by the time they have finished with her, they have succeeded.

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