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Night Callers

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Kami Robertson

Kami Robertson is asleep in her prison cell - the door of her cell clangs open and two masked men run in. They literally drag her out of her bunk bed and immediately start strapping her with a leather tawse. Her screams of pain and indignation are totally ignored. This treatment of her goes on for some time. Kami is a journalist and she managed to get herself into the Bars and Stripes Prison - in order to write a report on the conditions in the prison. Somehow the Prison Officers had got hold of some copies of her report - which they denied emphatically.They are kind and gentle with the ladies in their care and they are flabbergasted that Kami was hoping to tell the world that the screams of the prisoners could be heard echoing down the corridors of the Bars and Stripes Prison. So here they are in the middle of the night - trying to show Kami how wrong she is. Having made their point, they fling her back onto her bed and leave - promising to return later. Poor Kami cries herself to sleep. But not for long, she is again awakened by the two masked men and dragged from her bed.There is repetition of the earlier treatment of her. And when they again throw her back on her bed, she is reminded that breakfast is at 5.30 am and she had better be there.

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