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Painful Steps

Amelia Jane Rutherford, spanking, m/f, paddle, prison, uniform

Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford - Number: 4229 is lying on the lower bunk in her cell at Bars and Stripes Prison. Looking so elegant - the perfect lady - knees drawn up and her thighs wide open with her knickers-covered cunt winking at Prison Officer Lewis as he comes in unannounced. Her displeasure at seeing him is obvious, as she demands to know why he's there. Keeping his cool he tells her he's her personal prison officer. And it's his duty to make sure she's happy and comfortable in her new home and to protect her.Her immediate response is to dismiss him - she's neither happy nor comfortable, so as he can't help her she tells him to go away and leave her alone. Patiently he tells her he can't leave her alone or if he did, she'd be easy prey for Prisoner Woods. Now he's found her Achilles Heel - she is afraid of Prisoner Woods as are most of the women in Bars and Stripes Prison - because she is a lesbian. But Prisoner Rutherford's rudeness is getting to him - she needs bringing down a peg or two. So she finds herself part way up the ladder - bent over the upper bunk.Officer Lewis's hard hand spanks her and she squeals and struggles, as her shapely bottom turns from pink to cherry red. She orders him to stop spanking her and Officer Lewis reminds her that she doesn't give the orders there. She changes her tactics and politely asks him to stop - even adding the little word 'please.' However, she's still using her haughty tone - with a tinge of sarcasm. That certainly doesn't work either, as he carries on spanking her with the aid of a leather paddle. Eventually, she tries again and succeeds in keeping her voice and tone civil.After giving her a few more whacks with the paddle, he tells her he's got other prisoners to see and he walks out, leaving her to pull her knickers up and compose herself.

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