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Polished Cheeks

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Amelia Jane Rutherford

The Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison had arranged a meeting with some of the Prison Officers - it was in order to discuss the progress or non-progress of one particular prisoner - Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford. He explains in detail what happened recently when she was supposed to be cleaning his office. Returning to his office to collect a file, he finds her asleep at his desk - an open file lying on it. He crept up to the sleeping girl and shouted down her ear; She woke up with a scream. She is full of excuses as to why she was sleeping at his desk, but he's having none of it, especially as the file that was lying open on his desk just happened to be hers.She's indignant at the thought that he believed she would do such a thing and denied it emphatically. So he puts her over his knee for a good old fashioned spanking. She protests, shouts, screams, wriggles about and point blank refuses to admit that she was prying. Having resorted to threats about reporting his behavior to a journalist then refusing to name a particular one - he renews his efforts at spanking her, with vigour. He keeps on spanking her until she finally apologizes to him in a civil tone of voice.Telling her to stand up, the spanking is over. Standing there in front of him, she pulls her knickers back up, so he tells her to take them off completely and then gives her a few more spanks on her bare bottom. Now he's going to leave her to do the job she was supposed to be doing before she fell asleep at his desk. And he expects his office to be spotless by the time he comes back. And to further humiliate her, she is to do the cleaning with her bare bottom on display. Left alone she swears and curses but she gets on with liberally spraying polish around.Her discarded knickers, she picks them up and files them neatly away in a drawer in his desk. The prison officers agree with him that in the case of Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford - her rehabilitation is at a standstill, as she is making no progress at all.

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