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Rachel LloydIntake Day

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Rachel Lloyd

The new prisoner Rachel Lloyd has only just arrived in the Bars and Stripes Prison. She's standing in front of the desk - at which Prison Officer Kennedy is sitting. She's wearing a halter neck top - looking more like she's ready for a day on the beach rather than being a prison inmate. Over her shoulder is a red bag - that she clings to possessively. He tells her to straighten herself up and stop slouching - sullenly she obeys. He asks her some routine questions, such as her name - she shrugs her shoulders and answers him.She agrees that she is in prison for two years for identity theft. Prison Officer Kennedy does not like her attitude and is quick to tell her so. He explains to her prison etiquette. Male prison officers are to be addressed as sir and female prison officers as ma'am. When he asks her if she understands she tells him yes, but has to be reminded to say 'Yes sir.' When he asks her to hand over her bag, she refuses to do so. He tells her she's not going to need it while she's in prison; However, she disagrees with him as it contains the tools of her trade.He sneeringly asks her what she intends to do with the 'tools of her trade' while she's in prison. He forcibly takes the bag from her. Then to her surprise she finds herself bending over his desk - receiving a hand spanking on top of her black bottom hugging trousers. She winces each time his hand makes contact with her bottom. She makes things worse for herself by questioning everything, when told to take off her trousers, she wants to know if she has to. Back bending over the desk, her red bottom is fully visible.As her spanking is not yet over, Prison Officer Kennedy now introduces her to a leather strap. Her poor bottom is very red and sore when he tells her to stand up. She straightens up immediately. Handing her a pile of clothing - her prison uniform, he tells her to put it on.

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