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The Adjudication

Amelia Jane Rutherford, spanking, m/f, strap, prison, uniform

The Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison is having a discussion with two of his Prison Officers. Talk in general soon came around to Naughty Amelia Jane. Prisoner Rutherford is completely oblivious to the rules and regulations in place at Bars and Stripes Prison - as Prison Officer Kennedy found out while attempting to assess her. She's rude and arrogant and has an answer for everything. So Officer Kennedy tells the Governor and Officer Lewis about the assessment and how and why he had to spank her.She was sat in a chair while being questioned by Officer Kennedy. After a particularly arrogant remark he moved in to spank her. But she jumped up off her chair - telling him she didn't want him looming over her. When he orders her to sit down again, she refuses and keeps dodging out of his way. So they end up playing musical chairs, until he catches up with her and pushes her face downwards over his desk. As she is a tall girl, her prison tunic barely covers her bottom. So he doesn't have to pull up her skirt as it has already ridden up her back.He hand spanks her while she keeps up a tirade of abuse towards him. Eventually, she cleverly turns things around so that she is assessing him. But he's been on an anger management course and manages to keep his anger in check. When she insists that she wants to complain to the Governor about the way he's treating her, Officer Kennedy tells her the Governor's internal phone number. She dials the number. She explains to the Governor what's been happening to her at the hands of fucking Officer Kennedy.Instead of getting sympathy he speaks to Officer Kennedy and encourages him to carry on with the spanking. Poor Amelia realizes that she has no friends from the prison staff. Now the Governor and his officers are aware that Prisoner Rutherford is receiving some information from a journalist who has managed to get herself into the prison on a daily basis. It's now their mission to investigate the matter further.

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