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The Lawyers Flogging

Spanking and whipping preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Amelia Jane Rutherford

Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford has been prepared in advance for her flogging. She's lying face down on a special flogging bench. Her beautiful naked body twists and turns in an effort escape. But escape is impossible. Her wrists and ankles have been strapped to the bench. The thought of the flogging she knows she is going to receive is bad enough - but the agony of waiting for it to happen is also scary. Police Officer Stephen Lewis comes into the cell where she is waiting. He has brought with him a flogger and a two-tailed leather tawse.He doesn't speak a word to her and she says nothing to him and if you have seen Amelia Jane Rutherford in other movies - you will know that she always has a lot to say for herself. Officer Lewis uses the flogger first. After each stroke lands on her bottom she screams and raises her head - her blonde ponytail swings from side to side. He straightens out the fronds of the flogger and brings it down hard on her poor bottom again and again. He stops and lays the flogger across her back while he examines her bottom.As there is no sign of breakage of the skin, he carries on. He then changes to using a two tailed leather tawse - this makes her screams even louder. She's humiliated and in pain. The flogging and tawsing are over, but she's not released from her bonds. Prison Officer Lewis leaves her bound to the flogging bench. The cell door clangs shut behind him.

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