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The Outfoxed

Aleesha Fox, spanking, m/f, prison, uniform, strap

The Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison is in his office - he's checking the file of Prisoner Aleesha Fox, who has requested to see him. A knock on his door, he shouts come in and Prisoner Fox enters. She comes right to the point, but he stops her mid sentence, he needs her to calm down, so he makes sure that she is Prisoner Aleesha Fox. Then she starts again. She believes that as a political activist, she should receive special treatment - not being spanked and humiliated like an everyday prisoner.However, Governor Stamp does not agree with her. As far as he and the other prison officers are concerned - she was found guilty and given a custodial sentence. Therefore, like all the other prisoners, she will be treated exactly the same as them. But she's in full flow; Her words come tumbling out as she airs her grievances. She thinks the spankings and paddlings are not justified, the food is disgusting and as for the tunic that all the prisoners are compelled to wear, it's ugly. Then he speaks quietly to her - telling her that she is not entitled to any special treatment, but because she has demanded she should receive it - so she will.Pulling out an armchair into the centre of the room, he places a cushion on the arm of the chair and orders her to bend over it. His right hand starts making contact with her bottom - first one cheek then the other. Soon she is whimpering as her cheeks become more sore and a deeper shade of red with each spank. He breaks off for a moment and then carries on spanking her with a leather paddle. After checking with her a couple of times - she agrees that she does not want or need any special treatment.So he brings the spanking to an end. He calls for Prison Officer Zoe Page to escort her back to her cell. Left alone, he puts Prisoner Aleesha Fox's file into the cabinet and reminds himself to keep an eye on her as she spells trouble with a capital 'T'.

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