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Too Much Cheek

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Zoe PageIrelynn

Prisoner Irelynn Logeen is escorted to her new cell by Prison Officers Stephen Lewis and Zoe Harrison. They leave her to settle in. She climbs up to the top bunk and lies down on it. Still on her exploration of her new home, she checks out the metal lockers that are meant to be wardrobes for her meagre clothing. She's not too impressed and again lies down on her chosen bunk. Then she hears a key scraping in the lock the door of the cell clangs open and Officer Lewis and Office Harrison come in.Their job is to check that she has not smuggled anything into the prison - that is not allowed. Being a gentleman, Officer Lewis tells Officer Harrison that she should search Prisoner Logeen - she is only too happy to oblige and runs her hands over Logeen's body. She is disappointed to not find anything. But Officer Lewis checks out the wardrobe, but again he disappointedly finds nothing - Prisoner Logeen chimes in with a possible reason - there is too much dust in there to keep clothing in it. However, Prison Officers Lewis and Harrison do not appreciate her helpful contribution to their discussion.In fact the prisoner voices several complaints about her living quarters. Therefore, she is labelled as a moaner and moaners are punished in Bars and Stripes Prison. Officer Lewis pulls Irelynn over his knee and gives her a hand spanking. He has to warn her several times to stop kicking, but she is unable to obey - it's a natural reaction to kick out after each slap on her poor bottom. Then he doesn't want Officer Harrison to feel left out so he suggests she takes over spanking Prisoner Logeen. They change places a couple of times, by which time poor Irelynn's bottom is very sore and mottled red.Eventually, she is coaxed to thank both the prison officers for being so kind as to give her such a warm welcome to her new life.

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