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Wakey Wakey

Amelia Jane Rutherford, spanking, m/f, otk, prison

Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford is still lying on the lower bunk in her prison cell when Prison Officer Stephen Lewis gives her a rude awakening. She's indignant - how dare he come into her room without knocking? He reminds her that she's in a prison cell - not a hotel room. He also reminds her that she should have been out of bed an hour ago. She again gets on her high horse, telling him that she has been working seven days a week for eighteen hours a day - so she felt she was entitled to a lie in.Losing patience with her, he drags her out of bed and over his knee. As she struggles, her nighty rides up to reveal a bare bottom. Prison Officer Lewis asks her where her knickers are and she tells him they're on the top bunk. So he asks her for a reason why they are not on her. Haughtily she tells him that wearing underwear in bed is unhygienic - especially if she doesn't know if she's getting cleans ones the next day. The spanking starts. She struggles, she protests and shouts to him to stop.But the spanking continues - as Prison Officer Lewis is the one to decide when to stop and not because she tells him to. Threatening him doesn't work either. She's in a rage - and calls him a fucker. That's it. He orders her to bend down with her hands on the lower bunk. He brings a leather paddle out of his back pocket and starts using it on her pink bottom cheeks. He wants her to repeat what she called him. However, she suddenly develops amnesia and tells him she can't remember. Therefore, the paddling continues.Despite him asking her several times to repeat what she said, stubbornly she refuses to utter the word again. She eventually gives in and says it. But the spanking / paddling carries on. Now he wants an apology from her. There is then a battle of wills and he's determined to carry on with the spanking as long as it takes to get an apology from her. Despite her determination not to give in, her bottom is getting sorer with every spank that lands on it. So she apologizes. Now he wants a sincere apology, the words stick in her throat.With a bit more gentle persuasion she gives in and apologizes to him, almost sounding sincere. As he leaves her, he tells her to get her clothes on and join the other prisoners. Once she is dressed, she leaves her cell. She's still muttering to herself and cursing Prison Officer Lewis. Will she never learn?

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