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Matron's Bitch Slapped

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Sarah Collins

Prisoner Sarah Collins has returned from a mission. She's standing in the sick bay at Bars and Stripes Prison. Matron is sorting out some equipment and jumps slightly when she becomes aware that she is not alone. She welcomes Sarah back and asks her if everything went according to plan. Prisoner Collins nods her head and then shakes it. So Matron demands to know the full details. Hesitantly Sarah tells her how she was just about to find out how the drugs were being smuggled into the prison - when one of the prison officers interrupted her and the other prisoner who was the informant.Therefore, the moment was gone. Matron is not at all happy with the pretty young girl who is standing before her. After all she and the senior officers - including the Governor had hatched this plan to find out how and when drugs are being smuggled into the prison. They had all agreed that Prisoner Collins was a bright intelligent girl, who would have no problem carrying out the plan. Now here she was - she had failed because of another more junior officer who knew nothing about the plan and had interrupted the meeting of the two prisoners at the crucial moment.Matron is frustrated. She shows her disappointment by spanking Sarah. She then tells Sarah she will have to repeat the exercise and this time she must make a success of it. Sarah is allowed to get dressed but to leave her tunic open. Then she is told to lie on her back on the sick bay bed. There is a look of sheer terror on her face as Matron approaches her with an instrument of torture. At the moment this is a warning of what to expect if she fails again.

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