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Punished in Prison

Black girls, spanking and whipping preview images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Zoe PageLola MarieCloverDonna ParkerFae Corbin

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Inmate Clover Paisley is serving 10 years for internet banking fraud and the authorities want to know which bank accounts she hacked and plundered so office Lewis and Page interrogate Clover with the aid of a Cat 0 Nine Tails. She is whipped soundly untill she reveales the bank account numbers.


Inmate Lola was rudely awakened by prison Officers Page and Kennedy who still had some questions for her. Officer Paul grabbed his strap and Zoe grabbed her trusty red paddle and they turned Lola's delightfull bare bottom a stinging darker colour.


The prison officers had heard that the drug dealing Dutch inmate Donna Parker had been seen talking to someone and making a deal. Officer Lewis with his hard hand and strap, interrogated Parker to try and find out who she had been talking to.


Inmate Fae Corbin was having a nightmare dreaming about the thrashings and spankings she allready had and she was making so much noise, she was waking up the other inmates. Officer Lewis heard her and woke her up. He then proceeded to give her a sound spanking and a good bare bottom belting.

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