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Sibling Rivalry

Spanking preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Zoe PageNatasha ByrneByrne

Prison Officer Zoe Harrison comes into the prison cell where Prisoner Natasha Byrne is cleaning up. She tells Natasha to put the brush down, as she wants to talk to her. Obediently Natasha does as she's told. She sits on the lower bunk and Zoe Harrison sits next to her. She makes it clear to the prisoner - that as her sister she can make life much easier for her - the easiest jobs etc. But in return, if she could just give her some much needed information about her cell mate Logeen then in return she'd have an easy life while she's in prison.However, Natasha refuses to tell tales on her friend. Now the two sisters are glaring at each other. It's stalemate between them. With an exaggerated sigh, Prison Officer Harrison orders Prisoner Byrne to bend over a chair. Then lifting Natasha's short tunic away from her bottom, revealing two already sore red cheeks, the result of a previous spanking. Now with a leather paddle she adds to the soreness, yet Natasha still stubbornly refuses to give her the information she needs. Prison Officer Lewis comes in and is disappointed that she is not talking.So he takes over with the paddle. Being a big man, he can hit harder. But still Natasha keeps silent. He grabs hold of a clump of Natasha's hair and pulls her upright. However, she still says nothing. He's ready to shake her - as he's getting exasperated with her. It is then she drops a bombshell. She tells him she has got some information for him. Officer Harrison is her sister. He's horrified at this piece of news and realizes it must not get out, so Natasha would have to go into solitary.

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