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Torture For Two

Spanking and whipping preview, video and images, from Spanked in Uniform in Prison, with:Zoe PageKami RobertsonLilly Lovell

There are screams and yelps in the punishment room at Bars and Stripes Prison. Added to the screams and yelps that are coming from Prisoner Kami Robertson - Matron's maniacal laugh echoes round the cell. Poor Kami, her wrists are bound together and she is being stretched upwards by a rope that is running through a ring hanging from the ceiling. Prison Officer Zoe Page is controlling the rope - sometimes allowing it to be slack - other times forcing Kami up on to her toes. Matron is swinging a flogger across Kami's body.As the poor girl in her agony moves in an effort to avoid the flogger, her body spins. Matron is in her element - deliberately concentrating on allowing the fronds of the flogger to strike poor Kami across her stomach and tits. The prison staff are trying to find out from Kami, how she got into Bars and Stripes Prison in the first place. Also, they want to find out from her, who is feeding her information about the conditions in the prison. But, stubbornly she refuses to tell them anything. Even when Matron grabs hold of her nipples and viciously pulls on them, she screams in agony but doesn't squeal.Then Prison Officer Lewis comes into the cell, bringing with him Prisoner Lilly Lovell. Because she had befriended Kami it was thought that she might be able to answer their questions. However, she too refuses to tell tales on her friend. Poor Lilly is horrified by what is happening to Kami - especially when she is threatened with the same if she doesn't spill the beans. She is forced to strip and once she is completely naked, she is bent over a bench and is flogged on her bottom. She admits under duress that Kami promised her money etc and agrees with the prison staff that it wasn't worth it - although she stops short of telling Matron and the Prison Officers what they really wanted to know.So it is decided that the torture will have to be continued another time. And the two girls are led back to their respective cells.

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