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Bars & Stripes - Updates in April 2016

Exclusive Updates in April 2016

PRISONER IVEY'S INTAKE. Prisoner Ivey has been sentenced to 6 months for assaulting a Police Officer. Prison Officer Ben brings the new inmate to the Warden's office for her intake but her rebelious disrespectfull attitude soon finds her over the Warden's knee getting her bottom spanked long and hard.

OUTSIDE THE RULES?PART TWO. Inmate Betty did inform the new Governor of Monique spanking her for no reason and Monique was summoned to the Warden's office. She had no excuse and as Betty gleefully watched, Prison Officer Monique went over the Governpr's knee and she got a long hard spanking.

OUTSIDE THE RULES?PART ONE. Officer Monique decided to drag inmate Betty into the Governor's office and give her a good spanking. The reason? Because she simply doesn't like Betty! Little does she know that Betty will inform the Governor of this....

ALEX REYNOLDS SOUNDLY CANED. As a last punishment, which young Alex will remember for a long long time, Zoe Page, Paul Kennedy and Stephen Lewis all decided to cane her bare bottom soundly.

SOLITARY DAY TWO. In this video we see inmate D' Arcy in solitary and Prison Officer Dodgy Dave is visiting her with his trusty old strap. She is soon bent over and her mature bottom is soundly strapped.

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