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Basic Instinct

Prisoner Niki Flynn is lying on the top bunk of the prison cell she is sharing with Adele Haze. She offers Adele her teddy bear. Basic instinct forms a common bond between the two girls. They are both lonely - away from their family and friends. Therefore, they form a friendship that soon becomes sexually motivated. Although Niki does not appear to speak English - words become unnecessary. However, they are so absorbed in what they are doing - giving each other pleasure - they don't notice Officer Stephen Lewis - he's been watching them for some time before he makes his presence known. But when he does put a stop to their antics, he's disgusted with them and orders them both to bend over the bottom bunk and he slaps their bare bottoms with his hand and a paddle.

With their bottoms bright red and very sore, he orders them to lie on their own bunks - warning them that any further disgusting behaviour and the consequences will be much worse. After he has gone, the two girls stroke each other's faces and say goodnight. They realise that in future they will have to be more discreet - when basic instincts try to take over from common sense.

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