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Bars & Stripes - Updates in August 2016

Exclusive Updates in August 2016

KITCHEN DUTY PART TWO. After the paddling in part one both inmates were sent back to their cell with the promise of a sound bed time strapping which they both got.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT PART ONE. Inmate Lizzy caught her cellmate Kathy smoking in the bathroom which is strictly forbidden in the prison. Lizzy saw that as a perfect excuse to put Kathy over her knee and give her a sound spanking. The only problem with spanking is that it is a noisy affair and the Warden heard this unauthorised spanking too and caught them in the act.

THE CIGARETTES PART THREE. In part three it's the Warden's turn and He puts them both over His knee and gives them both a sound bare bottom spanking before returning to His Barbeque from which He was drawn away to deal with these two.

THE CIGARETTES PART TWO. In part two prisoner Ivey is ordered to put Jolene over her knee and spank her. Which she does. Now their bottoms are ready for the Warden's hard hand.

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