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Bars & Stripes - Updates in July 2016

Exclusive Updates in July 2016

THE CIGARETTES PART ONE. Prisoners Jolene And Ivey share a cell and Jolene lost her Cigarettes. She accused Ivey for stealing them and they were at it. The Warden heard the commotion and he went to their cell. According to new prison policy, any cellmates fighting will result in them being forced to punish each other first before their real punishment. In this video Jolene spanks prisoner Ivey.

MASIE FEELS THE WHIP PART TWO. Punishment room one and prisoner Masie Dee has been told to strip and she gets a sound nude whipping for being insolent and disrespectfull. Her bare bottom, thighs and even her naked back are soundly whipped untill she repents.

MASIE FEELS THE WHIP PART ONE. Prisoner Masie Dee reported to the Warden's office and you have never seen a cheekier inmate as her. She called Him Wardie and did everything to try and seduce Him. She was soon over His knee getting a sound spanking but it became clear that she needed a strong sharp shock so she was dragged off to Punishment Room One for a sound nude whipping.

VANESSA'S INTAKE. Prisoner Vanessa arrived at the prison. This 18 year old schoolgirl was sentenced to one month in prison for forging her mum's signature on a few checks. During her intake her petite bottom felt the sting of the Warden's paddle for the first time.

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