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Bars & Stripes - Updates in May 2016

Exclusive Updates in May 2016

DOLLY'S INTAKE. The young 23 year old Dolly was sentenced to 3 months for a few DUI's. As usual with new prisoners, the Warden did the intake and explained everything to her. Then, to make her understand fully, she got her first taste of corporal punishment by means of a sound paddling.

KATHY'S DRUG INSPECTION. As soon as prisoner Kathy arrived, drugs appeared in the Quad so the Warden decided it was time for a quick drugs inspection. He went straight to the two places women usually hide drugs and he found a capsule. He gave her a had hand spanking on the spot and she was sentenced to a nude whipping as that is the Prison's penalty for drug related offences.

ANAL JEWELRY. Rumours were spread that prisoner Leandra was wearing Diament Jewelry against prison regulations. The Warden went to visit her in her cell. He found she was wearing a Buttplug with a Diament on the end. She was scolded and she received a sound bare bottom strapping and spanking.

RACHEL ROSE GETS BIRCHED. New prisoner Rachel has to learn that when the siren goes off at 7 am, inmates are supposed to jump out of bed, get dressed and go down to the mess hall. Three times she was late getting up so the Warden paid her a visit with his trusty old Birch.

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